"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Humidity, Springtime & New Beginnings

In the past couple of days, I've been reminded of something I guess I conveniently forgot about...humidity. Yuck. We have had such cool weather this winter, its funny how easily we forget how Louisiana is supposed to feel. I can remember days when we were little and the humidity was 100%, our hair was always a mess. Mine was flat and blah, but my sister Sarah's hair always had the most beautiful ringlets around her face. She hated it, of course, but it was beautiful. I was reminded of that on Saturday. After the rain ended and the sun came out, little Eli's hair started to curl. He doesn't have much, but it curled up none the less. I hope he is one of the lucky ones.

Since he was born, Eli has always loved to take a bath. It is so much more fun now because he can sit up in the tub and splash and play with his water toys. We can't wait to get him in the pool this summer!

Like most Louisianians, we have beautiful camelias and azaleas in our yard.Our camelias are very special. The little couple that lived in our home for 40 years before we bought it loved camelias. Every year on their anniversary, he would buy her a camelia bush and they would plant them together all over the yard. We lost several during the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav. The hurricane didn't hurt them, but the yard crew cleaning up the tree that fell on our house weren't concerned in the least about our camelias...or our japanese magnolia Forest had given me for our second anniversary. Long story short...they make beautiful backdrops for pictures of Eli in his adorable little willow twig chair I found at a yard sale.
I love finding such treasures!

Eli loves to jump. Those little feet never stop moving!
I think he's going to keep us very busy when he starts crawling and then walking !!

The Easter bunny came a little early this year and brought Eli a wagon. He loves looking around the neighborhood as we walk and of course, as you can see, Izzie is right along side. She doesn't care about staying next to me and Forest anymore. She is all about Eli!

Daddy and Eli watching Izzie

My sweet fellas

I love how he is holding his little hands in these pictures!

Since the weather has been nice, we've been eating dinner outside on the patio on occasion. Eli doesn't care for his apples or bananas or anything sweet, but peas and carrots are his favorite. Lets hope his aversion to sweets remains as he gets older!

Last weekend, Forest's sister, Emily and her husband John, came to visit.
We had a great time and are so excited to have them in our lives.

Nice Pic John!!

The Easter Bunny and Easter Aunts were very good to Eli!
He doesn't mind the sunglasses at all. He never tried to take them off.

Does this duck move???

Mr Cool

We filled his duck with water and tried out his new swimsuit. He loves the water!! We are going to have so much fun this summer!

Happy Springtime!!