"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

Monday, October 11, 2010

August, September, & Half of October

We had a wonderful time in Memphis celebrating Maw Maw Russell's birthday and getting to watch Paw Paw Russell throw out the first pitch at the Memphis Redbirds game. Aunt Mona, Uncle Bill, Jess & Jac were wonderful hosts and it was really great to spend a couple of days with most of the Russells.

Eli LOVED the ducks at the Peabody Hotel.
For those of you not familiar with the Peabody, every morning, the ducks come down the elevator from their duck palace. They march down a red carpet and into the beautiful fountain (carved out of a solid piece of travertine) where they spend the day lounging. In the evening, the red carpet is rolled back out and the ducks march back to their palace for the night.He tried to chase them down the red carpet!

Trying to catch one...Come here duckie duckie duckie!

Eli also had a great time on his first trip to the beach.
He took a nap on his blanket under the tent. He fit right in with his sun & beach loving aunts!!

Not quite sure about this sand stuff!

This puppy doesn't play with me like Izzie does!

The beach house had a rocking chair that was just my size!

Check out me and my daddy...We match!!

Sharing a sandwich with Bubbie. Yummy!

One of Eli's favorite play spots...the dining room windows!
Its fun to look outside but even more fun to play peek-a-boo in mommy's new silk drapes!

Someone couldn't wait for dessert...caught red handed in the cookie jar!
"Who me?"

Check out my cool new Mickey Mouse car I got for my first birthday!
I love to ride it around the house and dance to the music played when I honk the horn!

Whoa...sparklers!! Happy Birthday Sweet Eli!

Making sure my wagon is good to go...we're going out to load it up with pumpkins this weekend.
Wagon's all set! Which way to the pumpkins??

Eli went to his first LSU tailgate and had a great time!
Thanks for having us Sassy & Michael! We'll be back for the next game!

Who wants to play catch??


  1. Gorgeous boy!! Gorgeous Mama!!! Gorgeous family!!! What a personality he looks like he has! Love the one of Eli and Forest kissing too!

    Much love
    Great Susan and Great Doug

  2. Eli is so precious! I love the pics at the beach of all 3 of you! Great blue jean jacket too! So cute! Hope to see yall soon!

    Aunt Jenny

  3. Wonderful pictures of everyone! Forest and Eli, head to head is too precious for words!

  4. Such joy! Cute, cute, cute- every single picture! Love the photos of the three of you as a family at the beach... priceless!
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate these updates Allison! I feel like I am there, even though I am miles away. Thank you!

    love to you all